liboping — C / C++ library to generate ICMP ECHO_REQUESTs

daily snapshots

This directory contains daily, automatically build snapshots of the current developer versions available in the project's official Git version control system repository at git:// Snapshots are provided for the “master” branch (i. e., where development of new features is happening). As the “master” branch is a snapshot of the current development version, it might include untested new code, broken code or might not even build at all.

If there are no changes to the day before, no new tarball will be created.

The tarballs of the “master” branch are mainly meant to be used for testing new features. Use is at your own risk. You should not use these tarballs on production systems. Reporting bugs against these versions is highly encouraged and appreciated though.

The tarballs are provided by Sebastian “tokkee” Harl (

About liboping:

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liboping is a C library to generate ICMP echo requests, better known as “ping packets”. It is intended for use in network monitoring applications or applications that would otherwise need to fork ping(1) frequently.